5 Reasons Why My Boyfriend Dumped Me

5 Reasons Why My Boyfriend Dumped Me

5 Reasons Why My Boyfriend Dumped Me

Hello friends (and men friends), I have an announcement to make. I am currently single. Now that I can think, I read through piles of letters from my ex-boyfriend, but his last one inspired this post. I collected the top 5 reasons why my boyfriend dumped me and posted these so you ladies learn from my mistakes.

If you learn what not to do from reading this post, then learn what to do from my other piece which you can find by clicking here.

I’ll write the reason, then add a little story so you have some background information.

For buying Italian cheese for quesadillas

Quesadillas are a Mexican dish, not Italian. Jesus Christ.

It’s true; I bought shredded Italian cheese at the grocery store when he asked me to pick up food one day. I don’t personally eat quesadillas often enough to know that Mexican cheese makes a huge difference to some people.

So if you take one thing away from this post, know that quesadillas are a Mexican dish and should be made with Mexican cheese.

For buying one-ply toilet paper

I might as well use my hands to wipe my ass.

You might wonder why anyone would buy one-ply toilet paper if two-ply or three-ply can be afforded. Well, I have a good reason (or so I thought).

My ex-boyfriend would use 1/4 of a full toilet paper roll every time he had to go #2. I don’t quite know how he used so much or how our septic tank didn’t backup, but I was tired of wasting money on that.

This incident occurred when I was on an evening jog. He called me and yelled at me for buying one-ply toilet paper. I was already out of breath but almost passed out from laughter because of how distressed he was.

He told me to run home so I could go to the store and get three-ply so he could finish using the toilet. I did and after that day, he always paid for the toilet paper.

For ordering a Kid’s Meal at McDonald’s

The toys they give now are pieces of shit…Don’t play with that Charlotte.

My ex-boyfriend had a weird complex where he hated eating alone. He told me that he was raised as a child always sharing a meal with at least one other person. I grew up with different traditions so that’s where we had issues..

Anyway, we were on a long drive home after visiting his family and we stopped at McDonald’s for food. I wasn’t hungry because his driving always made me nauseous, but he insisted that I order something to eat.

Trying to save money, I ordered a Kid’s Meal instead of something I wouldn’t be able to finish.

I ordered it as serious as I could be, but he turned red with embarrassment. When we sat at our table to eat, he saw me unwrapping the toy they put in the box. That’s when he muttered the quote above.

I guess he thought I ordered the Kid’s Meal for the toy instead of the food. The truth was I ordered it for both. I didn’t bother telling him the reason because he didn’t believe his driving made me carsick.

For owning a coin purse that I keep inside my shoulder purse

Keeping change is for women.

This was an interesting reason and one I still don’t quite understand.

My ex-boyfriend got upset with me one day at the department store when I was buying new clothes. At the counter, I had an odd total, but I knew I had change to pay the exact price for the clothes.

Like most women who have coin purses, I fumbled around for a bit until I gave the cashier exact change.

He uses a card to pay for everything and if a vendor only takes cash, he walks away. I don’t even know if he can tell coin currency apart from each other. He also said keeping change is for women, and I’m a woman, so I don’t know what point he was trying to make.

For calling a tomato a vegetable instead of a fruit

It’s not a vegetable just because you eat it with other vegetables. It has seeds on the inside. It’s a fruit.

This happened while we were at his parents’ house for dinner.

His mother prepared a large salad and it had tomatoes in it like many salads do. My ex-boyfriend hates tomatoes so I was teasing him about him picking them off of his plate. I told him “You need to eat all your vegetables to be strong and healthy!”

His mother smiled at my remark and his father was too busy eating, but the quote above is how he replied to me. He said it all in as serious a manner as can be.

I’m not sure how he learned that because he knew almost nothing about cooking or food in general. Maybe he learned that fact because he has such a strong hatred for tomatoes.

Lotti’s Ex-Boyfriend FAQ

After reading the 5 reasons why my boyfriend dumped me, you’re probably wondering who he is and what our relationship was like. I put together this small FAQ so you can get an idea of the men I date.

What does he do for work?

He is a writer like me. That’s probably why he was quirky.

What is the age difference?

One year. He was a year older than me.

How long did you date him for?

We were together for 8 months before he broke up with me.

Were these 5 reasons why your ex-boyfriend dumped you?

In part yes. He had compiled a list of 35 “eccentricities and irritable actions” that gave him justification.

Did he actually call the list that and were there 35 reasons?

Yes, as I said in the first question, he is a writer, so he would do something like that. Also yes, there were a total of 35 reasons on his list. I only included my favorite 5 here because the other ones aren’t as silly as these.

What were some of the other reasons?

Mostly normal reasons for having disputes and disagreements.

  1. I am late to everything.
  2. My cooking is awful.
  3. I talk too much.
  4. My spending habits are bad.
  5. I am too boring.

What do you think of the 5 reasons why my boyfriend dumped me?

Do you think he was justified and I’m a terrible partner? Should I look for a new boyfriend or just stay single forever?

If you have any funny reasons for breaking up that you’d like to share, comment on this post or on my social media accounts. I’d love to hear your stories.


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