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Why is your site called Arigni House?

Because I bought the domain for another project but never used it. I figured I might not waste it since I had already made the logo!

You made that logo? It sucks.

Yea, thanks.

How do you know so much about SEO?

I don’t, I just pretend like every other “Marketing Guru” who apparently all make seven-figure salaries.

Will I learn anything from this blog?

Yes! If you found this blog, it means my website is ranking high in SERPs.

If it ranks high, the reason is that the search algorithms thought my blog posts were relevant to your search.

Therefore, you will certainly learn how to write copy that will be found by search engines!

Why do you run this blog?

To see if I can make it successful! I enjoy blogging and interacting with people who laugh at my awful jokes!

Do you make money off this site?


All my site visitors are too smart to click on my ads!

How do you pronounce Arigni?

Are-een-ye. Try to roll the “r” because it’s an Italian name. I’m half Italian.

Your website looks like shit.

That’s not a question, but thanks for your unsolicited critique jojo420! I’m not a web designer as you can tell!

I signed up for your email list. Why do you send me emails at 2:00 AM?

Sometimes I can’t sleep. Sorry.