How To Become A Copywriter

How To Become A Copywriter

Charlotte Arigni
How to become a copywriter

Do you want to know how to become a copywriter?

Yes? Great, I’ll teach you how!

There are five steps to becoming a professional copywriter, and if you follow these to the letter (pun intended), you’ll be writing for money in no time! The starving author life isn’t for you!

Read, read, and read.

Ask any author worth her weight in ink and she’ll tell you that reading is the most important part of writing.

You don’t have to take notes on everything you read, but if you read enough, you’ll notice things.

You’ll notice patterns and combinations that all the best writers employ. It’s similar in theory to the common guitar chord. Every great guitarist plays the same few set of chords because they work.

What should you read?

You should read any material related to what you want to write.

If you want to write copy for adverts, then read adverts. Read the Cosmo and National Enquirer magazines if you’re not too ashamed to buy them.

There is a reason why those grocery store magazines sell and that’s because the writers know how to write effective copy.

Write, write, and write.

After you read, then start writing. You won’t be able to write copy if you never try.

Whether you like to type on a keyboard or write by hand, getting practice is the important part.

Don’t try to write something you won’t enjoy. If you want to write copy, then don’t try to write an interstellar space fiction erotica novel. If that’s an oddly specific genre, that’s because I know someone who wrote a book like that. It wasn’t me by the way.

Think of the children!

Or at least adults with child-like intelligence.

Copywriting is the worst writing you will ever do. It’s very dumb, plain, boring, and easily understandable by everyone.

Effective copy reaches the widest audiences, so don’t use big scary words, okay.

Do NOT edit your own work!

What do you mean Charlotte? Why shouldn’t I edit my own work?

Shut up and listen to me. Use spellcheckers and grammar checkers (I have a love affair with Grammarly, I highly recommend this tool) and that’s it.

Have someone else read your work. I guarantee another person will catch errors on the first read that you will never find.

You can’t edit the work you wrote. It’s not possible, so don’t waste your time.

Learn how to write headlines.

Headlines are the most important element of copywriting. You can sell a customer with just a single phrase, or you can lose them forever.

Do you want to learn how to become a copywriter? Then learn about headlines.

There are master copywriters whose only job is to formulate headlines. It’s a highly specialized field that requires years of training to enter into.

But since you’re just starting out, learn from the masters who came before you.

John Caples is a legend in the industry and is more formulaic than a chemistry textbook. Take a look at his 35 Headline Formulas and write them down.

I like to keep these on a small folded paper in my purse that I forgot about until this very moment.

That’s probably why my headlines are so shitty.

Quick Recap of how to become a copywriter

Here are the 5 steps, in list form for quick reference.

  1. Read, read, and read.
  2. Write, write, and write.
  3. Think of the children!
  4. Do NOT edit your own work!
  5. Learn how to write headlines.

There really isn’t much more to copywriting. There are formulas and proven techniques to be really effective, but these 5 steps are enough to get you started.

I enjoy reading copy as much as I love to write it. If you have a piece you’re working on, send it to me and I’ll proofread it for you. Seriously, I enjoy proofreading.

Contact me through my form (orange button) or message me on social media. I’ll be more than happy to help you out.


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