How to get rid of a Headache

How to get rid of a Headache

How to get rid of a Headache

Do you have problems with headaches and migraines? Do headaches and migraines hurt your productivity and ability to work and play? I can teach you how to get rid of a headache with 4 simple and quick methods.

Method 1: Listen to Soothing Music

Contrary to popular belief, audio-sensory input is actually beneficial when managing headaches and migraines. People falsely believe that quietude is the answer, but I’ll tell you why that’s wrong.

When you have a headache, your mind is not producing enough anti-neurotoxins to battle the pain. Resting in a quiet room will only make this worse as you need some stimuli to begin producing anti-neurotoxins at your normal rate.

You have your own taste in music and what you think is soothing is only for you to decide.

I recommend listening to music that has a quick pace and a heavy rhythm so you can cure your headache faster than usual. Personally, I plug in my Infinite Black Beats Pro Over-Ear Headphones from the Beats by Dre line and I listen to In Flames or Rammstein to get my body to produce those anti-neurotoxins.

Method 2: Practice Yoga for 1 Hour

Yoga is a world-renown practice for meditative stress relief. I placed this method at number 2 only because you are more likely able to listen to music than to spend an hour doing yoga.

But if you do find time for this method, I highly recommend performing the more disciplined version of Hot Yoga (also known as Bikram Yoga). The level of intensity is enough to quickly make you sweat out those neurotoxins that are causing headaches and migraines.

Getting naked speeds up the process of detoxifying your body. If you’re wearing tight yoga clothes, you will effectively trap the toxic chemicals inside your bloodstream which will harm your brain.

For more information on Hot Yoga and its benefits, refer to this article from the Mayo Clinic.

Method 3: Ride a Rollercoaster

“Won’t riding a rollercoaster make my headache worse, Lotti?”

No, actually it won’t, and let me explain why most people believe the contrary.

The idea that rollercoasters cause headaches is an old wive’s tale that dates back to the 14th Century during the European Renaissance. As science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) rapidly progressed, so did our forms of entertainment.

Once it was discovered that iron wheels could be mined in the deepest parts of the Aegean Sea, engineers put them to use. These engineers installed wheels underneath carriages placed on wooden tracks. This was the advent of the first rollercoaster ride.

As the technology spread, festivals and carnivals adopted the rollercoaster as their primary mode of entertainment for fair-goers. After a young boy flew out of his loosely fitted harness and plummeted 470 feet to his death, mothers all over Europe quickly spread the rumor that rollercoasters caused headaches so that their children would be afraid of riding them.

The fact of the matter is that rollercoasters are the number one cure for headaches. It’s just not higher on my list because they are not often accessible on demand.

Rollercoasters cure headaches by reversing the negative reverse-gravity molecules that form in your brain during a headache. By shifting your brain in the opposite direction, rollercoasters effectively eliminate reverse-gravity molecules. This will restore your balance, preventing vertigo and severe onset migraines.

Method 4: Drink Alcoholic Beverages

Ideally, I would list this as number 3, but this method only applies to those above the legal drinking age so I am listing it last. This one was taught to me by the Cottage Woman (God rest her soul) when I was a youth. I have used it ever since.

Alcoholic beverages are a quick cure for headaches and migraines. Like methamphetamine and ecstasy, alcohol is an anti-depressant. If headaches make you irritable and put you in a cross mood, then alcohol is the obvious solution.

This one is tricky because there are so many forms of alcohol that can be consumed. The higher the proof, the more powerful the remedy, the faster the cure.

Although wines are smooth and tasteful, they lack potency needed for a fast cure. I recommend vodka, gin, nail polish remover, whiskey, and rum.

Disclaimer: This method is not legal nor advisable to any who are under the legal drinking age according to local, state, and federally mandated laws.

Did you learn how to get rid of a headache?

I hope so and I also hope you can rest easy knowing you won’t have to suffer again.

Headaches and migraines are serious obstacles to productivity and enjoyment. They are no fun and the quicker you get rid of a headache, the better.

If you have any other unknown methods you’d like to share, post a comment or a message on social media!


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