How to get your Crush to like You with 3 Proven Tactics

How to get your Crush to like You with 3 Proven Tactics

Charlotte Arigni
How to get your Crush to like You with 3 Proven Tactics

Hi ladies, I have some more amazing relationship tutorials for you. Yesterday, I taught you how to get the coveted thigh gap, and today I’ll teach you how to get your crush to like you with 3 proven tactics.

There are so many people who give advice that only works in movies. These common strategies will never work in real life. Let’s review a few of the lies you are probably familiar with.

  1. Be yourself
  2. Always smile
  3. Stay positive

None of these tactics will get you noticed by anyone, especially not your crush.

“Why is that, Lotti? Don’t men want an authentic and happy girlfriend?”

Absolutely not! If you think that’s the case, then you have spent more time watching television than you have spent talking to men.

I am a woman who has dated men. I have experience and I know what methods you can use that will get your crush to like you. If you’re ready for your sweetheart to take notice of you, then keep reading.

Tactic 1: Change Your Wardrobe

I need you to walk to your closet, dresser, and or wardrobe and take an honest look at it. What kind of clothes do you wear on a daily basis? Do you wear loose-fitting jeans, long blouses, tennis shoes?

Your crush will start to like you when you wear clothes that he thinks look good on you. If your outfits are bland and don’t reveal your figure, then you won’t be physically attractive.

“What do I need in my wardrobe then, Lotti?”

Great question, and I have just the answer you need.

Throw out all clothes you own and replace everything with yoga outfits.

Skin-tight clothing is scientifically proven to make any woman look sexier regardless of age, height, or weight.

How to get your Crush to like You with 3 Proven Tactics

Buying form-fitting athletic clothing is the single best investment you can make to get your crush to like you.

Helpful Tip #1: Donate your current wardrobe to Goodwill so that you can earn a tax refund which will help pay for your Lululemon athletic apparel.

Tactic 2: Change Your Diet

Men are fond of women who take care of themselves. This includes taking care of your body. Eating healthy is critical to showing your crush that you are conscious of self-improvement.

How to get your Crush to like You with 3 Proven Tactics

It’s okay to enjoy junk food every once in a while, but you can’t eat poorly all the time. Here are some healthy and tasty foods you can add to your personal menu to help get your crush to like you.

  1. Bananas
  2. Popsicles
  3. Hot Dogs
  4. Cucumbers
  5. Carrots

When your crush sees you eating these foods, he’ll be sure to take notice. There is nothing sexier than a woman who eats a banana because she gets her daily intake of potassium.

Tactic 3: Change Your Hair

Believe it or not, a great hairstyle means more to men than most other trivial matters. Having thick, luscious hair is always a plus, but even if you don’t have volume, you can make up for it with a chic style.

Every man has a different preference for hair color and style. Some prefer straight hair, others like curly, while many enjoy wavy. These are important to know, but there is one hair style that every man appreciates.

All men love ponytails.

It’s a fact. Men love ponytails not so much because of how it looks, but more because of what it means.

How to get your Crush to like You with 3 Proven Tactics

When a woman wears a ponytail, it shows she’s determined and focused. She needs her hair out of her face so she can concentrate on the task in her hands.

Furthermore if your sweetheart sees you with that timeless, determined look, he can’t help but notice your beauty.

Wearing ponytails is necessary to get your crush to like you. So even if you’re wearing loose clothes and eating poorly, a proper hairstyle is sure to work.

Did you get your crush to like you using these 3 tactics?

How long did it take for these tactics to work? I bet not very long.

Note that it is crucially important to keep using these tactics even after you get your crush to like you. If he becomes your boyfriend, partner, or husband, then he will always appreciate these moves.

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